Great Grove Poultry

Great Grove Poultry

Apr 24, 2023

Looking for high-quality Christmas turkeys and geese from a small family farm? Great Grove Poultry specialises in producing premium poultry using traditional methods honed over years of experience.

Great Grove Poultry's dedicated stockmen carefully care for the birds, which are raised in stress-free environments in their woodland and grassland areas. They only process their turkeys and geese once they reach full maturity, with purpose-built facilities on the farm.

All the birds are game hung for a minimum of 10 days to ensure the best flavour and texture. The birds are then wrapped wrapped in greaseproof paper and packed in special carry-home boxes complete with recipe leaflets and herbs.

Although their approach is more expensive than factory farming methods, the results speak for themselves. You'll only find their superior products at select quality butchers and farm shops.

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