Walsingham Apiaries Honey

Walsingham Apiaries Honey

Apr 21, 2023

Walsingham Apiaries is the source of our exceptional honey. Pat, the beekeeper, is also the Catering Manager for the Anglican Shrine in Walsingham. She learned the art of beekeeping from her father, Jeff Rounce, a respected member of the Walsingham community. Pat's love for spending time beekeeping with her father continued. In 1995 Pat married Adrian Marshall who then became involved with the bees taking an active role within the day to day routine.

Their hives are strategically placed throughout the village and surrounding areas where farmers have requested them to aid in pollination. This allows for a diverse range of nectars, resulting in honey with a unique flavour profile.

Experience the taste of Walsingham Apiaries honey, expertly crafted by Pat and Adrian Marshall, and enjoy the delightful sweetness that only nature can provide.

Walsingham Aparies Walsingham Aparies - Honey Comb

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