WildFarmed Flours


Taste the difference with our selection of WildFarmed flours, where quality meets sustainability. WildFarmed flours are sourced from an entirely traceable supply chain, ensuring transparency from field to fork. They proudly partner with over 100 dedicated farmers for their 2024 harvest, committed to sustainable and responsible farming practices.

As seen on Clarkson's Farm, series 3!

Our range of 1.5kg bags includes:

Country Style/Light Brown Flour 

Infused with more bran for added depth and nutty tones, perfect for hearty bakes. Best for loaves and rolls.

Patisserie Flour

The finest white flour, ideal for creating soft, light, and delicate pastries and cakes. Best for pastries and noodles and anything that requires finely milled flour.

Pizza Flour 

Formulated to stretch and maintain shape, delivering the perfect pizza crust every time. Best for adding new dimensions to your pizza and flatbreads.

Plain Flour 

A versatile and premium plain flour, delicate enough for a wide variety of baking needs. Best for all purpose bakery and cooking. 

Rustic White Flour

Tailored for long fermentation processes, imparting nutty and earthy flavours to your breads. Best for farmhouse loaves and focaccia.

White Bread Flour 

Known for its superior taste, elasticity, and easy rising qualities, making it the best choice for bread making. Best for rolls and loaves.

Wholemeal Flour

100% unrefined and rich in fibre, this flour offers a malty, nutty flavour for healthier and nutritious baking. Best in soda bread, carrot cake and cookies.


WHEAT flour



Shelf Life:

Minimum 1 month