Whole Leg of Lamb


Calling all food lovers! Prepare to tantalise your taste buds with the exquisite flavour of our whole leg of Norfolk lamb. This succulent meat is guaranteed to take centre stage on any dining occasion.

Cut from the finest Norfolk lamb and weighing in at a generous 2.5kg - 3kg, this roasting joint promises to yield tender, juicy meat that will melt in your mouth with every mouthful. Whether you prefer it cooked to perfection and served pink, or slow-cooked and shredded, this leg of lamb guarantees a full-flavoured taste that will take centre stage on any occasion.

With a serving capacity of 6 - 8 people, this leg of lamb is ideal for those special gatherings where you want to impress your guests and create lasting memories.


Lamb (100%) *Contains bone*

Approximate weight:

2.5kg - 3kg



Shelf Life:

Minimum 4 days