Walsingham Thai Green Curry Mini Crackers


Walsingham Thai Green Curry Mini Crackers. These delightful bite-sized crackers are infused with the vibrant and aromatic flavours of Thai green curry, creating an irresistible snacking sensation. Each bite delivers a harmonious blend of fragrant herbs, zesty lime, and the subtle heat of green chillies, all combined with the satisfying crunch of perfectly baked crackers.

Whether you're looking for a unique appetiser for your next gathering or simply want to spice up your snack time, these moreish mini crackers are a perfect addition to any event.


Rice, Rice bran oil, Sugar (Cane), Soy sauce (SOY, WHEAT, Salt), Maltodextrin spices (Chilli, Kaffir Lime, Sweet Basil, Caraway. Pepper, Garlic, Coriander), Cabbage. Rice bran oil, SOY sauce, Flavour enhancer: E621, EG35, Anti-caking agent E551. Acidity regulator: E330. Natural flavour, Natural Identical favour, Colouring agent: E141.

May contain traces of nuts.