The Garden Pantry - Spiced Bean Chutney


Experience the rich and spicy flavours of The Garden Pantry's Spiced Bean Chutney. Made with fresh homegrown runner beans, tomatoes, and onions, this chutney is infused with a delicious blend of spices that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

The sweet notes of our Spiced Bean Chutney make it slightly sweeter than traditional piccalilli, making it the perfect accompaniment to your favourite cheese board, crackers, or sandwiches.

Order now and enjoy the flavours of The Garden Pantry's Spiced Bean Chutney!

Ingredients: Beans (35%), vinegar (contains sulphites), tomato, onion, sugar, cornflour, spices (2.9%), Colman’s Mustard, rapeseed oil, mustard seeds, salt.