Spare Rib Chops


If you’re a fan of juicy well-marbled pork on the bone to make your meal a success, look no further than our pork spare rib chops! Each package comes with two chops approximately 350g per chop or 700g in total, making a perfect portion size for one or two portions. Often known as a pork tomahawk these are great on the BBQ, pan fried or an easy alternative to a large joint for your Sunday roast.

What makes our pork really special is that all our pork comes from Tim Allen, Morley Farm, South Creake and surrounding local farms. His pigs are outdoor reared and tend take longer to grow so their meat is succulent and full of flavour - not to mention loaded with fat and marbling for extra juiciness! This is as opposed to commercial farms which may use faster growing pigs sacrificing some quality of taste along with it.

Pork (100%) 

Approximate weight:

350g x 2 (700g) *Contains bone*



Shelf Life:

Minimum 4 days