Ribblesdale Gouda Gold


Gouda Gold is a hard, pasteurised goat’s cheese made by Iona Hill at Ribblesdale Cheese in Hawes, North Yorkshire. Gouda is a washed curd cheese, which means that when the curds have formed, a third of the whey is removed and replaced with heated water. This is what gives gouda its supple texture and sweet, nutty taste. This is a small, natural rinded, aged 2-4 months. Gouda Gold is made in a continental style, shaped like a little flying saucer. Natural rind and has an aged semi-soft interior is pale white and is very tasty.

Creamy Dense Semi-Soft - Goat - Pasteurised - Vegetarian Rennet - Medium


Whole Goat MILK, Salt, Lactic Cultures, Microbial Rennet


North Yorkshire, UK

Shelf Life:

7 days