Pork Leg Steaks


Succulent and mouth-watering pork leg steaks are the perfect centrepiece for your next meal! These delicious steaks come in a set of two, each weighing a generous 200g. These steaks have the versatility to shine in any cooking method.

But what sets our leg steaks apart from the rest? It's all about the source. We take great pride in sourcing our pork from Tim Allen, at Morley Farm, as well as surrounding local farms in East Anglia. Our commitment to quality and sustainability means that our pork is outdoor reared, ensuring that the pigs have plenty of space and fresh air to roam. This slower-growing process guarantees succulent pork, boasting a perfectly balanced layer of fat and beautiful marbling throughout the meat. Leg steaks are the leanest cut you can get so great for those wanting to reduce their fat in their diet.


Pork (100%) 

Approximate weight:

200g x 2 (400g)



Shelf Life:

Minimum 4 days