Norfolk Smoke Pit Honey & Mustard Glaze Powder


Introducing Norfolk Smoke Pit's Honey & Mustard Glaze Powder – a blend designed to transform your dishes. Taste the sweetness and warmth as this glaze transforms meats and vegetables alike. While the classic pairing of honey and mustard resonates particularly well with chicken and pork, don't hesitate to sprinkle it on vegetables for a rich twist.

For a finish, it's recommended to let your ingredients marinate with the glaze for an hour or two. And a word to the wise: avoid direct flames as it may cause the honey to char.

Looking for an inventive twist? Combine the powder with mayonnaise and a hint of cider vinegar. The result? An irresistible honey mustard dressing perfect for salads or as a base for a sumptuous potato salad.

Ingredients: Sugar, Salt, honey powder (honey, maltodextrin) mustard seeds MUSTARD, garlic powder, vinegar powder (apple cider vinegar with mother, maize, maltodextrin) mustard powder MUSTARD, paprika, turmeric.

For allergens please see ingredients in bold.