Lamb Meat Box


Handpicked from the finest cuts of locally sourced, grass-fed lamb, this box offers a premium selection of meats perfect for creating unforgettable meals. Whether you're grilling gourmet kebabs, slow-cooking tender shanks, or savouring mouth-watering ribs, each cut promises to heighten your cooking. With the £50 box catering to your essentials and our £100 "Go bigger" offering allowing for an even more luxurious assortment, our Lamb Meat Boxes are the ultimate choice for discerning meat enthusiasts.

£50 Lamb Meat Box:

  • 4 x Succulent lamb chops
  • 4 x Tender lamb cutlets
  • 1-1.5kg Premium Half leg of lamb

Go bigger with our £100 Lamb Meat Box:

All cuts from the £50 Lamb Meat Box

  • 1.8kg Rolled Shoulder of Lamb
  • 2 x Lamb chump chops


Lamb (100%)



Shelf Life:

All the meat will be prepared onsite by Chris our butcher, and will come with 7 days fresh shelf life. All the meat will be good to home freeze.