Handmade Norfolk Soaps - Buttermilk, British Lavender and Rosemary


Enjoy the calming aromas of our Handmade Norfolk Soaps in Buttermilk, British Lavender and Rosemary, meticulously crafted locally using natural ingredients. This luxurious soap pairs the creamy qualities of buttermilk with the soothing fragrances of British lavender and rosemary, ensuring a serene and refreshing cleanse.

Accompanied by our Herbal Bath Infusers, filled with relaxing herbs, your bathing experience is set to be an aromatic journey, enhancing your relaxation and wellbeing.

Support local artisans and enjoy high-quality, fragrant soaps and bath infusers with Handmade Norfolk Soaps – experience the Norfolk difference today!

This product includes a bar of our Buttermilk, British Lavender and Rosemary soap, and herbal bath infusers, set to transform your bathing routine.

Approximate weight: 100g for the soap, 150g for the bath infusers.

For up-to-date ingredients see product packaging.