Half Blade Shoulder of Lamb


Half-blade shoulder of lamb from Nick Gardner! The blade half has more meat than the knuckle and less bone. We also leave on the neck fillet which we believe is the best bit of the lamb! If you’re looking for a juicy and indulgent dinner experience that won’t skimp on flavour, then look no further – this is the perfect choice. Our top-quality lamb comes in at around 1.2kg, meaning there’s plenty to go around when entertaining. The shoulder has more fat than a lamb leg, giving it mouth-watering tenderness while also imparting delicious flavour and juiciness to your meal.

No matter how you prepare it – slow-cooked and shredded off the bone is our recommendation – you can be sure that you’ll always have a winner on your table and will keep coming back for more! Shop now for an unbeatable experience with our whole lamb shoulder today!


Lamb (100%) *Contains bone*

Approximate weight:




Shelf Life:

Minimum 4 days