Whole Shoulder of Lamb


Introducing the tastiest meat, reared with love: whole lamb shoulder from Nick Gardner! If you’re looking for a juicy and indulgent dinner experience that won’t skimp on flavour, then look no further – this is the perfect choice. Our top-quality lamb comes in at around 2.5 kg, meaning there’s plenty to go around when entertaining or feeding a hungry family. The shoulder has more fat than a lamb leg, giving it mouth-watering tenderness while also imparting delicious flavour and juiciness to your meal.

No matter how you prepare it – slow-cooked and shredded off the bone is our recommendation – you can be sure that you’ll always have a winner on your table and will keep coming back for more! Shop now for an unbeatable experience with our whole lamb shoulder today!


Lamb (100%) *Contains bone*

Approximate weight:




Shelf Life:

Minimum 4 days