Boadicea Gin - Rosa 5cl


Boadicea Gin 'Rosa' is first vapour distilled with botanicals gently in our copper still. Then Wild Knight Distillery infuses the spirit in cherries to build an additional depth of fruit.

Subtle notes of peach and cherry with a slight sweetness from the fruit. No additional sugar is added.

Perfect served straight up over ice, or for a long-serving, with champagne or prosecco.

  • Tasting notes: On the palate, there are tart and juicy notes from the cherry, with plenty of punchy juniper and spice, followed by the subtle sweetness from the peaches lingering on the finish. Very smooth and great to sip neat, or with the finest champagne or prosecco.
  • Hayley Payne - Chief Reporter Craft Gin Magazine
  • Alcohol: 40% ABV.