Beef Meat Box


Introducing our premium Beef Meat Boxes, perfect for stocking up your kitchen with the finest cuts of beef. Choose from our standard £50 Beef Meat Box or go bigger with our £100 Beef Meat Box.

Indulge in succulent steaks, flavourful roasts, and versatile minced beef, all sourced from locally raised, grass-fed cattle. Each box is expertly curated to provide you with various cuts, ensuring there's something for every meal occasion.

With the £50 Beef Meat Box, you'll receive an assortment of prime beef cuts, including tender sirloin and ribeye steaks, lean minced beef, stir-fry strips, and a generous roasting joint.

Upgrade to our "Go bigger" £100 Beef Meat Box for an even more impressive selection. Alongside the staples in the standard box, you'll also enjoy premium additions like succulent rolled sirloin of beef, gourmet beef burgers, two rump steaks and two filet steaks.

Whether you're planning a special dinner or simply stocking up for the week ahead, our Beef Meat Boxes offer unbeatable quality and value. Treat yourself to the best of British beef with our premium Beef Meat Boxes.

£50 Beef Meat Box:

  • 2 x 7oz Sirloin Steaks
  • 500g Lean Minced Beef
  • 454g Diced Beef
  • 1kg Rolled Topside of Beef Roasting Joint

Go bigger with our £100 Beef Meat Box:

All cuts from the £50 beef Meat Box plus:

  • 1 x Rolled Sirloin of Beef (approx. 1kg)
  • 1 x Pack of Beef Burgers (4 burgers)
  • 2 x 8oz Fillet Steaks
  • 2 x 8oz Rump Steaks


Beef (100%)



Shelf Life:

All the meat will be prepared onsite by Chris our butcher, and will come with 7 days fresh shelf life. All the meat will be good to home freeze.