Pork Meat Box


Introducing our exclusive Pork Meat Boxes, designed to deliver the finest local pork cuts directly to your kitchen table. Take your pick from our standard £50 Pork Meat Box or go bigger with our £100 Pork Meat Box.

In our £50 Pork Meat Box, you'll find an array of pork cuts, including succulent pork chops, tenderloin steaks, versatile diced pork for stews or stir-fries, premium pork mince and a rolled leg of pork.

For those craving a more lavish spread, our "Go bigger" £100 Pork Meat Box offers an expanded selection. Alongside the cuts featured in the standard box, enjoy gourmet pork sausages, juicy rolled loin of pork, spare rib chops, pork shoulder steaks, and a magnificent pork belly joint, perfect for roasting to perfection.

Whether you're hosting a special occasion or preparing everyday meals, our Pork Meat Boxes guarantee exceptional quality and variety, ensuring each dish is a triumph.

£50 Pork Meat Box:

  • Succulent T-bone pork chops, approx. 900g
  • Pork loin steaks, approx. 500g
  • Versatile diced pork for stews or stir-fries, approx. 1kg
  • Premium pork mince, approx. 1kg
  • Rolled Leg of Pork, approx. 1.8kg

Go bigger with our £100 Pork Meat Box:

In addition to the cuts found in the standard box, you'll enjoy:

  • Gourmet pork sausages, 12 sausages
  • Juicy rolled loin of pork, approx. 1kg
  • Magnificent pork belly joint, approx. 1.5kg
  • Spare rib chops, approx. 700g
  • Pork shoulder steaks, approx. 500g


Pork (100%)



Shelf Life:

All the meat will be prepared onsite by Chris our butcher, and will come with 7 days fresh shelf life. All the meat will be good to home freeze.

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