Steak and Wine Night Box


Indulge in a delightful evening with our Steak and Wine Night Meat Box, perfect for those who appreciate good food and delicious wine.

Inside, you'll discover:

    • Succulent T-Bone Steaks: Hand-selected for their tenderness, these steaks promise to melt in your mouth.

    • 250g of Binham Blue Cheese: A touch of local luxury, this creamy blue cheese adds an exquisite richness to your meal. Enjoy on top of your steaks or as a savoury after-dish treat.

    • A Bottle of Norfolk Red Wine from Congham Vineyards: Perfectly balanced and sourced from the best Norfolk vineyards, this red wine complements the other elements wonderfully.

    • Peppercorn Sauce: Add a spicy kick to your steaks with this rich and creamy peppercorn sauce.

    • Potatoes: Perfect for roasting or mashing, these versatile potatoes complete your meal.

    • Mushrooms: Fresh and earthy, these mushrooms lend a gourmet touch to your plate.

    • Vine Tomatoes: Bursting with flavour, these vine tomatoes add a touch of sweetness and colour.

    • Salad: This fresh and crisp salad mix, featuring tender baby leaves, adds a refreshing note to your meal.

Together, these ingredients create an extraordinary meal that brings the best of Norfolk to your dining table. Enjoy a truly gourmet experience with our Steak and Wine Night Meat Box! Order now and dine in style!