Handmade Norfolk Soaps - Buttermilk, Wild Rose & Chamomile


Delight in the soothing scents of Handmade Norfolk Soaps with Buttermilk, Wild Rose & Chamomile, lovingly crafted locally using natural ingredients. This luxurious soaps, salts and herbal bath infusers combines the gentle nourishment of buttermilk with the calming fragrances of wild rose and chamomile, offering a refreshing and rejuvenating cleanse.

Support local artisans and enjoy superior, fragrant soaps with Handmade Norfolk Soaps – experience the Norfolk difference today!

These products contains Norfolk Handmade Soaps delightful Buttermilk, Wild Rose & Chamomile scented soaps, bath salts and bath infusers, ready to uplift your daily skincare routine.

For up-to-date ingredients see product packaging.