Welcoming April: Seasonal Produce and Gardening Tips

Welcoming April: Seasonal Produce and Gardening Tips

Apr 15, 2024

As April springs into action, spring awakens with the promise of new growth and abundance. In the county of many seasonal treats, nothing heralds the arrival of spring quite like asparagus. However, this fleeting vegetable is but one highlight among a long list of fresh produce. Let's explore the bounty of April's harvest and delve into gardening tips to make the most of this vibrant season.

Savouring the Seasonal Produce

For lovers of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, April is synonymous with the arrival of asparagus. This green, tender vegetable graces our plates for a brief six-week window. Paired with creamy hollandaise sauce, grilled with a drizzle of olive oil or, simply wrapped in Parma ham and baked, asparagus is a versatile vegetable not to be missed.

In addition to asparagus, April brings forth an array of other seasonal vegetables, including tangy rhubarb, nutritious purple sprouting broccoli and crisp spring cabbage. These vegetables, bursting with flavour and nutrients, offer endless possibilities for creative recipes.

Walsingham Farm Shop - Local Asparagus in Net Bag

Planting and Harvesting in the Garden

As the earth warms and daylight hours lengthen, April provides an opportune time for gardeners to sow seeds and tend to tender crops. For those eager to reap the rewards of their labour, now is the time to harvest or purchase an abundance of fresh produce, including asparagus, rhubarb, and spring vegetables like onions and cabbage.

In the garden, the arrival of April signals the perfect conditions for sowing hardy vegetables directly into the soil. From vibrant beetroots to crunchy carrots and hearty cauliflowers, the options are abundant for those looking to cultivate their garden-fresh bounty.

Walsingham Farm Shop - Planting Pumpkin Seeds in April


Gardening Tips for April

For those with green thumbs itching to get their hands dirty, April presents several opportunities for planting and nurturing a thriving garden. Sow seeds directly into the ground for crops like lettuce, radishes, and spinach, ensuring a steady supply of fresh greens throughout the season.

Indoors or in greenhouses, aspiring gardeners can kick-start the growing process for tender crops like aubergines, chillies, cucumbers, sunflowers and pumpkins. By providing warmth, sunlight, and proper care, these young seedlings will flourish, ready to be transferred into the garden once the risk of frost has passed.

Harvesting Chilli's from a Chilli Plant

Let's embrace the season's produce and celebrate fresh, locally sourced food. Whether savouring the fresh asparagus or tending to a burgeoning garden, April offers many opportunities to connect with nature and indulge in the vibrant flavours of spring.

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