Marsh Pig

This award winning British Charcuterie was born out of a personal love of fabulous food, and a belief that starting with qualilty ingredients will result in an amazing-tasting product.

Marsh Pig only ever uses free-range British pork, ensuring a traceable, ethical and fantastic-tasting Charcuterie that supports our British Farmers and ultimately provides discerning customers with a premium product.

Marsh Pig salami differs from continental salami in several ways

  • it only uses 15% fat (European salami contains between 30 and 60%)
  • they only use British free-range pork
  • they only use hard trimmed ‘leg’ meat. Traditionally one would use ‘shoulder’ and ‘belly’ which contains a lot of sinew (which is why you are left with bits in your teeth when you eat cheap salami!)
  • they only use the finest ingredients.