Great Grove Poultry


Great Grove Poultry is a small family farm who specialise in producing quality turkeys and geese purely for Christmas. We achieve this by continuing to use a variety of traditional methods adopted over several years of producing quality poultry.

Both the turkeys and the geese are brought to the farm in June and are cared for by our dedicated stockmen who take much pride in their work. Our woodland and grassland areas are used to rear the birds in a stress free environment, allowing them to roam free in their natural habitat.

Once grown to full maturity they are processed on the farm in purpose built facilities and are all game hung for a minimum of 10 days. They are then eviscerated, wrapped in greaseproof paper and packed in our special carry home box with a recipe leaflet and herbs.

Although this is a much more costly way of rearing and processing compared to today’s factory farming methods, the end result is far superior. They only supply quality butchers and farm shops with their produce.