Cley Smokehouse

Fish and Meats hand crafted and smoked over Oak.

Started by the slightly bohemian Mike Rhodes over 30 years ago and acquired some 11 years ago by Glen Weston and his wife Andrea, Cley Smokehouse is now a thriving little business dedicated to providing top quality honest food.

All of their smoked fish and meats are hand crafted in-house from top quality ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible and from sustainable resources. Every smokehouse has a unique flavour from the wood, the way things are done, the raw materials and even the smoker. At Cley everything is smoked over Oak to their own recipes and their own processes to produce food with real flavour and above all honesty.

Although they produce smoked duck and chicken, their range is dominated by seafood. Beautiful plump kippers, undyed smoked haddock, delicately smoked prawns and crevettes, smoked salmon and of course the classic Norfolk bloater.

There’s the old saying “You can take the fisherman out of the sea but you can’t take the sea out of the fisherman”. Well it seems Glen has sort of adapted the saying to fit his philosophy. The Westons are an old Norfolk fishing family and as Glen is no exception he still keeps his hand in with his own beach boat landing lobster and ‘Cromer’ crabs in season. You don’t get much fresher or better traceability than that!