Allen Pork

Pork to be proud of

The Allens have been farming at Morley Farm, South Creake, just a few miles from Walsingham, for four generations and have constantly kept breeding pigs and reared their offspring, so their experience is second to none.

All of their pigs are kept outside from birth to slaughter and are both ‘Red Tractor’ and ‘RSPCA Assured’ accredited. This guarantees the highest standards of welfare, and gives our customers the confidence that the pigs from Morley Farm have been well cared for.

The sows the Allens use for breeding are a cross of three traditional breeds; Large White, Landrace and Duroc (which gives them the outdoor hardiness). The sows are kept together in their groups until about a week before they are due to give birth ,at which time they are moved into individual farrowing without fear of disturbance from the other sows.

Once the piglets are weaned, the sows return to their groups ready to meet the boars again. The piglets head off to a nearby field, where they are housed in weaner kennels – insulated huts with an open run bedded with straw where they will stay for the next eight weeks. The next stage is moving the pigs out of the kennels and into finishing tents where they grow onto their ‘finished’ weight.