Producers and Sourcing

We would love everything we sell to be local, but we also need to offer our customers choice and year round supplies, so here is our approach to sourcing:

  1. Our range is built around providing everything our customers might need to create great meals.
  2. Where we use our own Walsingham label, the product has been made by us.
  3. We source our products from local suppliers or producers wherever possible and our aim is for at least 75% of our range to come from within Norfolk and 95% within the UK.
  4. We only stock products that we consider to be excellent quality and will do our best to work with local suppliers to improve local goods rather than buy elsewhere.
  5. If we cannot find what we need in our immediate area we will spread our net until we find it.
  6. We will always try and source from the UK first, but in some instances for obvious reasons produce comes from overseas (e.g. olive oil, lemons, bananas).
  7. We will always focus on providing seasonal products as soon they become available.
  8. We will make sure we understand the provenance of everything we sell.
  9. In all cases we will try and work with smaller, local, independent suppliers and producers.
  10. We believe in natural over artificial.