Sandringham Apple Juice 75cl



Sandringham Apple Juice 75cl

History of Sandringham Apple Juice

The Sandringham estate covers some 20,000 acres, much of which is farmland.

During the second world war an extra 500 acres was ploughed to help with the war effort while George VI was king. It was King George who planted the first very apple trees at Sandringham and the royal commitment to the farm has continued ever since.

The orchards were planted in 1953, the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation and they haven’t changed since. As well as filling the royal fruit bowl, the apples find there way onto the supermarket shelves in the form of apple juice.

Today, around 140,000 bottles of Sandringham Apple Juice are produced and distributed every year including to the royal garden parties at Buckingham Palace and Holyrood Palace in Scotland as well as the farm shops at Windsor and the Spaghetti House restaurants in London.

Andrew Jarvis, Chief Juicer

Andrew has worked on at the Royal Fruit Farm on the Sandringham Estate for 22 years before setting up Sandringham Apple Juice in 2013.

Andrew took over the running of the 30 acres of orchards along with the apple juice plant, later that year Dawn Brack a work collage of Andrews on the Royal Fruit Farm came to work for Sandringham Apple Juice and is his only assistant.

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