Open Farm Sunday 17th June

Everyone is welcome at our Open Farm Sunday event at Walsingham Farms Shop this Sunday, 17th June.  Let’s start praying for some cheerful weather! The event will run from 10am-4pm.

We plan to run tractor and trailer tours around the nearby farmland, leaving at regular intervals from outside the Walsingham shop. At the farm shop we’ll have displays on farming and food production, animals, crop displays and a barbeque from 12 noon offering our own tasty burgers and sausages. Here are some links to more about Open Farm Sunday  and Shaun the Sheep videos!

Last year’s tractor and trailer ride on Open Farm Sunday

New for this year, our fourth OFS event, we’re joining in the first ever national pollinator survey, an activity for all the family, find out more on the day.

Joining us this time round is Sally Francis, who grows saffron at Burnham Norton. Her company is called Norfolk Saffron. This is really exciting as saffron was historically an important, valuable crop for Walsingham and something for which Walsingham was famous. For more information

This year the theme for the day is pollination and pollinators (insects such as bees), and we are looking forward to welcoming the Marshalls whose bees produce honey all around Walsingham (and further afield). Farmers need their hives of bees on their land, as the bees help with pollinating the crops so they can set seed. The bees of course make the Walsingham honey which we sell, as well as handcream and beeswax furniture polish made using the beeswax.