Chocolate and Paté with Norfolk Rum Hamper


Step into a world of culinary indulgence with our Chocolate and Paté with Norfolk Rum Gift Set. This thoughtfully curated collection brings together a medley of gourmet delights, each chosen for its exceptional quality and rich flavour profile. Inside this great gift set, you'll discover:

Cambridge Confectionary 18 Solid Chocolate Fingers: Delight in the velvety, melt-in-your-mouth experience of these premium chocolate fingers.

Leigh's Bees Honey: Enjoy the pure, natural sweetness of honey, thoughtfully sourced from local bees, perfect for drizzling over desserts or pairing with cheese.

Wooden Honey Dipper: Crafted with care, this wooden honey dipper adds a touch of refinement to your honey-drizzling ritual.

Fine Foods Shortbread: Relish the rich, buttery goodness of traditional shortbread biscuits, a delightful companion to your afternoon tea.

Real Norfolk Fruit Cake - Walsingham Honey Cake: Experience the timeless pleasure of a fruit cake infused with the sweet notes of Walsingham honey.

Millers Crackers: Satisfy your savoury cravings with these artisanal crackers, offering a satisfying crunch that pairs beautifully with cheeses and spreads.

Norfolk Rum: Indulge in the rich, warming flavours of Norfolk Rum, an exquisite local spirit that elevates your sipping experience.

Duck Terrine: Delight in the luxurious flavours of duck terrine, a smooth and savoury pâté that's perfect for spreading on crackers or bread.

Pork Rillettes: Savour the rich, melt-in-your-mouth goodness of pork rillettes, a culinary delight that complements your charcuterie platter.

Gold Hamper Box: Our gold hamper box is perfect for making that extra special impression when gifting or simply treating yourself to a luxury night in.

Our Chocolate and Paté with Norfolk Rum Gift Set is a testament to the art of fine dining, designed to bring joy to your taste buds and create memorable moments of culinary pleasure. Whether shared with loved ones or savoured on your own, this handpicked assortment invites you to savour the finer things in life.